Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) EL SALVADOR

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) EL SALVADOR

A new programmable logic controller (PLC) is essential for proper operation and control of automated factory equipment. Grainger suppliesprogrammable logic controllers designed for demanding high performance factories and automation systems with multiple inputs for controlling several operations at one time. If you are maintaining a programmable logic controller, you will also find PLC software to troubleshoot, support and reprogram your new logic controller, as well as parts to fix and upgrade these machines. Find everything to support your PLC from a new digital PLC screen display to additional connection cables for adding devices to the system.

  • Programmable Relays
  • Provides relay, timer, counter, and time switch functions, easily programmable in ladder-view format.
  • With weekly and calendar timers, flexible mounting expansion via 8-point I/O units, twin-timer operation, and multilanguage display. DC models have analog inputs.
  • For time-controlled and small-scale applications such as lighting and air conditioning.
  • 56 timers and 17 counters
  • LCD display with calendar and clock

  • Logic Relays and Extension Modules
  • The expandable design allows users to manage a simple automation system with multiple inputs and outputs, without the need for a complex programmable controller.
  • 6-button navigation allows direct programming in any of several computer languages. Compact, space-saving design. Extension modules add inputs and outputs to customize systems for specific needs. Programming software No. 1CNL6 and PC connection cable No. 1CNL7 permit uploading programs from a PC, directly to multiple relays.
  • For small machinery and supplemental large machinery automation systems, lighting management, security systems management, and HVAC management.
  • 16 counters and timers
  • Integral display

  • Electronic Hour Meters  EL SALVADOR
  • Wiring screw terminals at rear of indicator keep wiring harness terminations away from other instruments.
  • Blinking decimal point indicates when signal is applied correctly. 8.6mm LCD display. Clamp and thumb screw mounting system. Temp. range: 14 Degree to 131 DegreeF. Indoor use only. Black color. UL Recognized, CSA Certified, and CE Certified.
  • Molded plastic housing
  • Black digits; white background
  • Great for panel-mount installations

Temperature Controls  EL SALVADOR

If temperature controls are vital to your business, trust Grainger to supply you with the right parts and accessories. Whether you needthermocouples that open valves and power on equipment when the temperature changes, to digital temperature controllers that monitor refrigeration equipment, you will find the right components for controlling temperature in any environment. This includes industrial plants, laboratories and transportation equipment. Even if you simply need a small thermocouple adapter or compression fitting to connect a digital thermometer to an engine block, your temperature controls are a part of our business.

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