GE Fanuc Series 90-30

GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLC system includes four components: Central Processing Units -IC693CPU374, IC693CPU364, IC693CPU363, IC693CPU360, IC693CPU350, IC693CPU351, IC693CPU352, AND IC693CPU331 : Communication IC693CMM311 IC693CMM321 HE693RTM705 Analog and digital I/O IC693ALG223 IC693ALG392 IC693ALG221 Base Rack IC693CHS391 IC693CHS392
Allen-Bradley SLC 500

Allen Bradley SLC 500 product line has multiple CPUsto choose from including the 1747-L553, 1747-L552, 1747-L551, 1747-L543, 1747-L542, 1747-L511. Analog options are also available including the 1746-FIO4I and 1746-FIO4V. AB Racks 1746-A10 and 1746-A13. Rockwell International owns Allen Bradley PLC.

GE-IP Fanuc Series 90-70

GE Fanuc IP Series 90-70 PLC System consist of many CPUs including IC697CPX772 IC697CPX782 IC697CGR772 IC697CG935 IC697CPX935 IC697CPU781 IC697CPU782 IC697CPU772 IC697CPU771 as well as IC697PWR711 IC697CMM742 IC697CMM711 IC697PCM711 IC697ALG230 IC697ALG320 PROFICY GE Fanuc PLC programming software
Allen Bradley ControlLogix

Allen Bradley ControlLogixAB programmable controller uses the processors 1756-L1M2, 1756-L1M3, 1756-IB16. AB has many other I/O Modules manufactured by Rockwell Automation.


GE Genius I/O Blocks are a distributed I/O system for Bus Controllers including blocks such as IC660BBA100 IC660BBA101 IC660BBA104 IC660BBA106 IC660BBA020 IC660BBA021 IC660BBA026 IC660BBD101 IC660BBD110 IC660BBD024 IC660BBD025 IC660BBD020 USINH HAND HELD MONITOR IC660HHM501 IC697BEM731 IC693BEM331
Allen Bradley PLC-5

PLC5 AB Rockwell Automation Processors have a 1785 part number and are compatiable with the 1771 Allen Bradley I/O systems. The most used CPU's in this product line are the 1785-L80E and 1785-L40E. Other parts include racks, powers supplies and analog input and ouput modules.

GE Fanuc Field Control I/O

GE Field Control product includes IC670MDL640 IC670MDL740 IC670MDL330 IC670MDL331 IC670ALG230 IC670ALG320 and Bus Interface Units IC670GBI002 IC670GBI102. Configure the units with the IC660HHM501and they communicate with the IC694BEM331. IC670ALG620 AND IC670ALG621 are RTD units
Horner Electric APG

Horner Electric manufacturers GE Fanuc PLC parts as a third party supplier. Some of the included parts are HE693RTD600, HE693RTD601, HE693RTM705, HE693RTU900, HE693DAC420, HE670RLY168.

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