XG5000 User’s Manual

XG5000 is a software tool designed to program and debug XGT PLC series with the following features and
1) Multi-PLC, Multi-Program
Allows the user to edit, monitor or manage PLC system interlocked with several PLC
included in a project at the same time.
And the program can be made as divided into Scan programs and various Task programs.
2) Various Drag and Drop
Makes editing easy and convenient with Drag and Drop function on most of editors such as
Project, Variable/ Comment, LD Edit, Variable Monitor, etc.
3) Setting User’s Shortcut Keys
Shortcut Keys provided as default can be changed or added as specified as familiar to
4) Various Message Windows
Provides various message windows to edit and inspect program easily.
5) Convenient Edit of Variable/Comment
- Edit with MS Excel is available.
- Various types of Edit is available through View Variable, View Device, View Flag, etc.
- Similar kind of Variables can be added easily with Auto-fill.
- Convenient Copy is available on the different Variable/Comment Windows with Drag and Drop.
- Direct Edit is available without displaying dialog box just like Excel.

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