Simple and affordable processors with broad capabilities to address applications such as material handling, HVAC control, assembly operations, small process control, and SCADA applications.
Advanced instruction set based on PLC-5 mid-size processors.
Broad line of digital and analog I/O modules, including intelligent I/O modules and including I/O modules available from third-party (Encompass™ program) vendors.
Each SLC 5/01 processor has a DH-485 port for programming and processor-to-processor communication initiated from the other node.
SLC 5/02, SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04 and SLC 5/05 processors have communication ports (Ethernet, DH+, DH-485, or RS-232-C) that can initiate communication.
Add ControlNet I/O (1771-, 1746-, 1793-, 1794-, 1797-I/O modules) with a 1747-SCNR15 scanner module.
Add DeviceNet I/O (1791D-, 1793-, and 1794-I/O module and 1792-I/O blocks) with a 1747-SDN scanner module.
Add Universal Remote I/O (1746-, 1771-, 1793-, and 1794-I/O modules and 1791-I/O blocks) with a 1747-SN scanner module.
Add BASIC programming capability and DH-485 and RS-232 communication ports with a 1746-BAS or 1746-BAS-T module.

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