DL06 PLC - Discrete I/O Option Modules

Discrete I/O Modules

Expansion I/O using option modules
Add up to 100 more discrete I/O points to the DL06 by installing an option module. Choose from twelve different discrete modules, including DC in, AC in DC out, DC in/out, and relay out.
AC, DC sink/source and relay I/O available
12 discrete modules available
Panel mount and DIN-rail mounting for all PLC units
Removable terminal blocks (standard)
Built-in high-speed I/O for simple single axis motion applications (not available on all models)
ZIPLink compatibility with 16-point discrete I/O option cards

The 16-point option modules can connect to a variety of ZIPLink modules, including the low-cost feedthrough terminals, optional fuse, LED and even ZIPLink relay modules. The powerful 10A ZIPLink relay system will allow a DL06 to connect to high-current loads like contactors, solenoids and hydraulic valves. (See ZIPLink section for our �five-second wiring solution.�)
What kinds of discrete control can the DL06 handle?
Control a small material positioning machine using built-in high-speed counting or pulse output I/O for cut-to-length, pick-and-place, speed monitoring, and more.
Create a sequence controller using the drum instruction and discrete I/O for piece counting, sortation, stamping, filling, level control, and more.
Build an events recorder using sensors and discrete I/O with the real-time clock option module installed.
Use the 10-30 VDC-powered units in remote locations for data monitoring and control.